Infant Education

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Educació Infantil Escola Sagrada Familia
We promote the full potential of the child.

Attended to the great plasticity and strong activity of the child at this age and the importance of personal and social development, education in this period must concentrate primarily on the game, in sensory and motor experiences and the acquisition of social habits.

We promote the full potential of the child.

A good understanding of the emotions will help our students to manage them within a very suitable environment and accompanied by the team of teachers who will ensure that the students become happy children who come to school motivated and who enjoy their learning process.

Educació Infantil
Infant Education

Mindfulness: ajudem al nen a ser plenament conscient del “aquí” i del “ara”

Les estratègies que utilitzem per acompanyar els nostres alumnes en aquesta primera etapa escolar són:

  • Learning languages from the beginning: our goal is to have 5 years true independent readers.       
  • Learn English from P3: the development of understanding, appreciation, and phonetics of English reproduction widely. We are one of the 9 schools that offer the Bright futures project, where the sciences and phonics are worked in an integrated manner in the 5 hours of English that take place during the week.
  • We work habits and routines to make our students more autonomous and with self-esteem.
  • We help to advance their knowledge and mastery of their bodies with the psychomotor activities and swimming.
  • The work by projects and “racons” are very important at school because, though these, we work internationality, patterns of living, values, knowledge of the environment...
  • Using the game as a basic learning tool, we develop Multiple Intelligences through interactive and experiential methods.
  • Our project e-SAFA: the use of iPads allows us to personalise each child’s learning. All classrooms are equipped with Smartboards.

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