Secondary Education

ESO (from 12 to 16)

Sagrada Família School - Secondary Education
Sagrada Família School - Secondary Education
Sagrada Família School - Secondary Education

Our purpose in this stage is to make boys and girls become competent, that is, to acquire the necessary tools to understand the world and to be able to intervene actively and critically in our society.

We believe in an active and creative methodology in which each student is the real protagonist of their learning. We promote the acquisition of work habits and study skills to get constancy, effort and discipline.

The strategies we use to accompany or students in this third stage of school are:

Educació Secondària
  • Trilingual education: we assign to each subject a vehicular language (English, Catalan or Spanish). In addition, students can study a second foreign language (French or German).
  • Work on skills, competences and multiple intelligences.
  • Multidisciplinary programs linked to social reality.
  • Entrepreneurship projects entirely in English.
  • Experimentació directa en grups desdoblats.
  • Laboratory practices in English.
  • Cooperative work, in pairs, teams or individually.
  • Service-Learning Project with the collaboration of neighbourhood organizations.
  • Continuous and individualized tutorial action: the role of the tutor in this stage is essential to provide them with an adequate guidance that allows them to develop all their potential and guide them to choose the path for further studies.
  • Use of ICT: own Intranet and classrooms equipped with PDI's. Our students have their own iPad as a work tool.
  • • Organization of excursions, “Convivències”, and “Treball de síntesi” with a didactical program.
  • • Participation in various international programs that allow our students to enjoy experiences that enhance cultural exchange, work subjects transversely and implement the English, French and German languages.
    1. e-Twinning projects in English recognized by the European Union.
    2. Erasmus + projects (exchange of good practices between European centres that allow the mobility of students and teachers with EU subsidies).

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