eTwinning Project

In this space you will find information on what an eTwinning project is

Escola Internacional E-Twimming

The eTwinning initiative is part of the Erasmus + program

What is Etwinning?

It is an initiative that encourages scholarly agermanaments and the development of collaborative projects through the Internet between two or more centers of different European countries on qualtevol theme acordat pels participants.


eTwinning is a project in the Higher Cycle of Primary and the 1st Cycle of the ESO that combines the intensive use of technology and the use of the English language in the exchange with students from other European countries.


E-Twinning recognition:

a) Mevlana Prize for Intercultural Dialogue 2015:

Sagrada Familia School of the Escola Vicenciana Foundation has been recognized with the Mevlana prize for intercultural dialogue 2015 for its e-Twinning project: "Big Steps Towards Peace and Tolerance."

This prestigious award has been granted by the European Union and has an international recognition.

b) Quality stamps:

  • Course 2014-15: Big Steps Towards Peace and Tolerance
  • Course 2015-16: Pupilspreneurs
  • Course 2016-17: Be a Reader, be a leader

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