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SAFA Podcasting

The school loudspeakers have an more important role a part from cheering day entrances and endings and indicating class changes: spread the Safapodcasts.

What Safapodcasts are?

They are sound productions created by students who participate at R-APS Safapodcasts. Each group has got a topic to cover and a specific tune both for starting and finishing it. Thanks to the Spreaker APP that everyone has already installed in their Ipad, students have been in charge of writing all the scripts as well as being accurate and demanding throughout all the recording process.

This is why they have considered technical aspects related to sound, the relationship between them or the quality of each podcast, without forgetting about the content itself.


Our TV channel

Safa TV

The SAFATV is the official television channel of our school, which is hosted on the Vimeo platform. In this channel you will find the audiovisual productions created by students and teachers of the School. We await your likes and of course; your comments and your critics. And if you do followers of the channel, every time there is a news you will receive a notification to your email address that will inform you instantly. We wait for you.

To view the productions, click on the link below.

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