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The London School Institute is at present the only school of the left part of Eixample Esquerra that offers a bilingual/trilingual educational proposal

About us

A public school in our neighborhood

Institut Escola Londres is a public school in the left part of the Eixample. We offer an educational proposal multilingual (catalan, spanish, english and, as an option, french or german), with the incorporation of innovate methodologies and pedagogic tools, and with new technologies in their three educational stages: early chilhood, primary and secondary.

 Mission Educational model
Our Mission

Our mission

Educational system

We offer an educational system based in the own humanism values, providing to our students an integrate education that is a benefition for their autonomy, critical sense and social engagement.

Human, social and Christian values


Human and social values

For our educational system, we take as a reference the human and social values. Our task is based on the own person and on a commitment to work, effort and to overcoming the research of excellence and to continue improving.

The Institut Escola Londres put faith in being an inclusive school, be respectful with the equality and plurality, to defend the basic coexistence and democratic society values, to recognise the human rights and, specially, the freedom of thought, the respect for minorities and humanitarian sense, a school socially committed and with a willingness to involve everything that happens in the neighbourhood, in the city, in Catalonia, in the world.

Institut Escola Londres

What we have

Institut Escola Londres offers second-cycle education in early childhood education, primary education and compulsory secondary education, so that in the 2021-2022 academic year we have about 550 students from the three educational stages.

We are a team of professionals from all stages, with about 60 teachers and other student care professionals, competent and excited about their work.

We have and manage services and resources to serve students who require:

Reception classroom (AA), Intensive Inclusive Schooling Support (SIEI), home care, etc.

Historia Escola Sagrada Familia
Història de l'Escola

School History

More than 150 years of history

Founded in 1867 by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, our school, with more than 150 years, is one of the oldest in the city. In 1997 it became part of the Vincentian School Foundation, and since the 2021-2022 academic year we have been a public center, changing the name from Escola Sagrada Família to Institut Escola Londres. A change of ownership that offers us opportunities that we did not have and encourages us to carry out new projects on a very solid basis.

In all these years, we have seen how the Hospital Clínic and the Industrial School were built, how the Plaza Francesc Macià and the Turó Parc were urbanised, how the Sarrià road became an avenue, and we have even seen Barça play in its first countryside. And it is with this desire to continue being an educational benchmark in the neighbourhood and in the city that IE London looks forward, with the desire to offer a quality, inclusive and truly educational project to our students.

Educational Project

Educational project

We prepare, help, educate and work

An international, innovative and quality educational project:

  • We prepare our students so that they can achieve excellence in their human and intellectual development. We give them the necessary tools to understand the world in which they live and to be able to intervene actively and critically.
  • We accompany our students in the development of their intellectual, physical, affective and social capacities with an inclusive, active, flexible and constructive methodology that adapts to the specific needs of each child, and that incorporates pedagogical innovations and advances most suitable technology.
  • We work closely with our families for a comprehensive education that makes our students autonomous, competent, responsible and happy people.
  • We are very aware of the sustainable development goals for the year 2030, and we work so that our students assume them with the aim of having a better world for all people and the environment.

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